Cetas Interview Questions

1. Reverse a String
2. Factorial
3. Find the greatest number / 2nd least number
4. Swap Two numbers without using third variable.
5. Sorting Numbers using array
6. Odd or Even
7. Fibonacci Series
8. Find Average using Arrays

1. Define Normalization
2. Define Denormalization
3. What is the difference between Truncate and Drop
4. Which operator is used for Pattern Matching
5. What is Function? Define.
6. Define Stored Procedure.
7. What is Constraint?
8. What is the difference between Union and Union All.
9. One Question is about finding error in the given query.
10. Table is given. Do insert and delete.

1) Ratio
2) Find Age
3) Profit and Loss Percentage
4) Ratio and Proportion
5) Time and Work
6) Ages
7) Puzzle.