Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai

Hardware and Network training in Chennai at Payilagam will thoroughly prepare you to work on computers and their networks in a variety of settings. As technology continues to play a vital and ever increasing role in our everyday lives, those professionals with the skills to develop the next generation of computer systems will remain in high demand. With hot and emerging hardware trends, now is an exciting time to be a computer hardware engineer. Computer hardware engineers combine expertise in technology, electronics and engineering to design and build computers. With computer networking training you can become an important member of an IT team.

Payilagam offers hardware and networking programs designed to prepare you for the computer hardware engineer career path. We can help you acquire the skills you will need to install, configure and maintain the computer systems which are so vital to modern day business and life. Computers are everywhere and they all need to be set up, maintained and fixed when things go wrong. You will be trained to install computer hardware and software. You will learn all about operating systems, networking interface components, cabling and connectivity. You will learn how to connect computers to company intranets and the Internet and how to maintain, test, evaluate and perform routine updates to them and their networks. You will also learn the importance of network administration and security and how to help companies run and protect their data. The hallmark of all our programs is hands-on training. Your work station will replicate what you find in the field .Our training will help prepare you for certifications.

Hardware and Networking Training in Chennai – Course Syllabus

Chapter 1: Fundamental Of Computer
  • Block diagram and brief introduction of each block & Types of computers.

Chapter 2: Personal/ Micro Computer
  • CPU Box, Monitor, & Peripherals [Keyboard, Mouse, Speaker] (A Brief introduction).
    Inside CPU Box : Motherboard, I/O Cards, Cables, Floppy Drivers, HDD, CD-Drive, SMPS (Brief introduction of each, with their function).

Chapter 3: Mother Board
  • Nomenclature, technology, standards AMD CPUs, Cyrix CPUs
    CPUs: CPU over clocking, troubleshooting, CPU problems
    Chip Sets: AMD chip sets, Intel chip sets, VIA chip sets SIS chip sets, OPTI chipsets, Legacy and support ICS.
  • Mother Boards: PC-XT-AT, and above (like 80286, 80386, 80486 and Pentium)

Chapter 4: Memory
  • Basic Concept – Binary Cell, Semiconductor memory. Types of Memory – RAM and ROM in detail.
  • Memory Chips: RAM and ROM EPROM etc,Memory Modules and packaging Logical and Physical organization of memory in computer. Cache Memory – LX and LZ, EDO,Various terms used in computer memory.

Chapter 5: Hard Disk Drive(HDD)
  • HDD Components, Hard Disk features, Logical working of HDD,Installing/upgrading: Hardware and Software perspective Troubleshooting HDD.

Chapter 6: Monitor
  • Monitor Specification and characteristics, Troubleshooting a CRT, Troubleshooting a color Monitor, Understanding sound cards, Knowing the benchmarks, Using Microphones, Troubleshooting and sound card.

Chapter 7: SCSI Systems
  • Understanding SCSI Concepts, Understanding SCSI bus operator, Understanding PC for SCSI, Troubleshooting a SCSI systems

Chapter 8: Switching Mode Power Supplies
  • Understanding switching power supplies, Connecting the power supply, Troubleshooting SMPS

Chapter 9: PC-Assembly , CMOS Setup and Troubleshooting
  • Observation of all parts of HDD, CD, and SMPS -Identification of cables and computers – Mounting Motherboard in cabinet Installation of cards, devices and then connecting cables – Fitting of cabinet – CMOS Setup Troubleshooting.

Chapter 10: Installation
  • Install & Trouble Shoot PC using Windows operating System , Linux Operating System,Windows Server Operating System – Installation of Software Program & Trouble shooting Method.

Chapter 11: Printer
  • Types of printers and printing mechanism, How printer works Inject printer, working of laser printer, Fonts/Type faces Trouble shooting printers.

Chapter 12: Internet
  • Concept of Networking, networking topology, networking protocols – TCP/IP, IPX/SPX Net Bus, LAN (Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Global Ethernet), networking Operations systems NT and Novel, internet terminal and services.

Chapter 13: Client/Server Installation
  • Introduction to administrations & installation of Window , configuration environment, multiple system policy, file system and partition, configuring portables and networking environment(Client), book Process.

Chapter 14: Web Developments
  • WWW, websites, browsers, search engines, basic of HTML, basic of Front page.

Chapter 15: E-Commerce Environment
  • Anatomy of E-Commerce, WWW and E-Commerce, E-Commerce Models(B&B. etc.), tools for E-Com, E-Com payment system, selective in E-Com.

Our Other Services

Payilagam is committed to make you complete Professional. We offer many value added services to groom you as a top notch IT professional. We provide more than just a software course!

Mock Interview

service-tab-imgPayilagam understands how important placement is for you. We give you an opportunity to practice your interview and receive the feedback from experts. Our Mock interviews are simulation of actual interviews. We help you to prepare yourself for the actual interview. Technical and HR Mock Interviews are conducted in Payilagam by Professionals who are part of Interview Panels in their Organizations. Our mock interviews allow you to gain experience and practice answering questions similar to the ones asked during the interview.

Aptitude Session

service-tab-imgAptitude test is the proven technique used by many organizations to find the real talents. Aptitude test is the first round on interviews, used by many organizations to filter the candidates. Aptitude tests are used to assess the logical reasoning and thinking performance of the candidates. At Payilagam, we form groups to practice aptitude tests and we teach you the easy and efficient ways to solve problems.

Group Discussion

service-tab-imgGroup Discussion is used to evaluate candidate’s communication skills, interpersonal skills and ability to work in a team. It is also used as a method to filter candidates when there is large number of candidates turned out to the interview than the expected. Payilagam knows crucial role of communication skills in getting job. So, we conduct regular group discussions and provide tips to conquer in group discussions.

Resume Preperation

service-tab-imgResume is more than data. It is trailer that communicates the employer why you are the best candidate. A good resume will ace your chance of getting the job you need. Being in industry for several years, we know how to make your resume the best. We help you to craft personalized, highly professional resumes and fine tune your resume. We assist you to prepare a resume that attracts employers.

Expert Session

service-tab-imgJust a technical or computer course will not make you a complete Professional. A Software Professional should be abreast of what is happening in the industry. We take an extra mile and bring Specialists, Techies and arrange Expert Sessions for our trainees. Yes, we deliver more than you expect from us!

Why Choose Us

  • IT Professionals as Trainers
  • Excellent Placement Assistance
  • Free Demo Class
  • Individual focus
  • Exceptional Lab facility

What Trainees’ Say

  • Radhish on DevOps

    Great Institute

  • Karthik on Infrastructure Training

    Hi friends my self is karthik.i am completed B.E in Electronics and communication Engineering.I have 3+ experience in IT support feild.But my knowledge is only desktop level in IT infrastructure.so i think for server Administration course.Immediately searching a good training center at Velachery in Chennai.It name as PAYILAGAM SOFTWARE TRAINING CENTER. It is Reviews and feedback is good.Then i spoke with Mr.Manikandan.He is good person.I have joined in System Administration like this course for Linux,Windows,VMWare,and networking.It is good package for this course.My trainer name is Mr.Pradeep.He is good knowledge person and help for my life.Payilagm infrastructure is very good.It contains like as individual lab and Realtime study materials.All these progam is used my carreer.Thanks to all my Payilagam staffs and friends.

  • Sathish on Linux Training

    Hi, Iam Sathish Kumar. I have compeleted M.C.A in A.R.S college of Engineering which is situated in Marimalai Nagar, chennai.Iam doing courses on Linux infrastructure in Payilagam. My Trainer name is Mr.Pradeep, he is an excellent humanbeing who give us practical and Theory knowledge on linux. He give us training on troubleshooting real time scenerio and impart the knowledge on resolving the issues. Further, Payilagam provides us not only technical knowledge they impart training on communication skills presided by Mr.Muthu. Moreover, they conduct session like how to face the interview's and they use to invite people from IT firm's to impart their knowledge to us

  • Robin on Linux Training

    Hi This is Robin. I am coming from sivagangai.I have completed BE.CSE.Now I am doing LINUX course in payilagam.My Trainer name is Mr.Pradeep.He is very good and knowledgeable trainer.He was given more real time examples.At the starting stage I haven’t knowledge about linux.Now I know Redhat,virtualization,and networking basics.so very thanks to pradeep and Payilagam.And I attended the weekend class,the trainer name is Muthu.he is very good trainer.He teached good communication and he given more practice.And now I will say about Payilagam.This institute is very good place for learning.Finally i got offer from Pace automation limited.Thanks to PAYILAGAM and Manikandan.

  • Shanthana Moorthy on Linux Training

    Hai ,My name is shanthanamoorthy.coming from sattur.I'm completed diploma electronics and communication engineering at 2013. I'm learned linux course in payilagam.My trainer is pradeep.My trainer was realtime worker.He is well trained to me and he is way of approach is very good.he is well knowledge.session is interactive and realtime.i used weekend class ,very useful session for me.then spoken class is very good.Muthu ,he is spoken class trainer.he is teached very useful me. i'm telling about payilagam .this centre is very good and freedom And they gave me more other knlowledge

  • Praveen on Linux Training

    I am Praveenkumar and I got the offer from Tata Consultancy Service as a Linux Administrator. I have completed the Linux (Redhat) Course and my trainer is Pradeep , he teaches from basics and trained everything in real-time environment and Payilagam arranged the Mock Interview session and weekend session, its helpful to clear my interview rounds. In my carrier payilagam is also help to changed my job field into Information Technology. Thanks to Pradeep and manikandan.

  • Gopi on Linux Training Training

    myself gopi from sholinganallur , i joined linux training course . my trainer was pradeep kumar , the training sessions was interactive and realtime , i could ask all my doubts to the trainer , yeah weekend sessions was very useful to me , the trainer explains on that sessions how to behave in industries and how to improve our communication skills and so on . the payilagam is a good center to improve our knowledge and they shows a way to placed in industries

  • Revathy Prajol on Linux Training

    Hi, I Am Revathy Prajol doing my final year in [I.T]. I did my RHCE course in this institute. Actually I wanted to know about Linux and how it differs from windows so I planned to join Linux course. This institute provided me a good environment to learn and immense knowledge regarding Linux. The classes are interactive and real time. They are giving interview based training too. They always ask feedback about the class and implement it immediately. This institute helps us to groom our ability. I wish Payilagam to continue their achievements and bring out their students ability make them successful in life. Thank you all.

  • Sivaganesh Raman on Weblogic Training

    Payilagam - Good Software Training institute for all... Run by a professionals. I would like to thank Mr. Manikandan, Director at Payilagam who gave me the opportunity to join @ Payilagam. All the trainers are Real time experienced software professionals. The training fee also very affordable here compare to other centers as my knowledge. About my training - Mr.Meshach (Linux) - A Good experienced professional guy and his Training was clear and detailed.I like his style of teaching and the quality of training was excellent. Mr.Selvam (Weblogic/Middleware, Apache) - A very patience person and who trained me the subject very well, He cleared my doubts(end to end) when ever i asked him... He taught me a real time process and spent more time. He provide me a good material too... and his way of teaching is very easy to understand my subject. And finally i would like to thank for Both Trainers Mr.Meshach and Mr.Selvam. ALL THE VERY BEST PAYILAGAM.