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CashLink Global Solutions Fresher Interview Questions

Recently, our candidates appeared for CashLink Global Solutions Fresher C++ Developer interview in Chennai. The below are some of the questions asked in CashLink. 1. Mention the storage class in c++ 2. Difference between 1.malloc and calloc 2.c and c++ 3.struct and union 3. Write a program to find biggest number to the given three integers 4. Difference between constructor and destructor 5. Difference between object and instance 6. What is Polymorphism 7. What is Inheritance 8. What is data hiding 9. What is encapsulation 10. Write single dimension array with syntax 11. What is pointer in c++ (with example) 12. What are the control flow and condition checking 13. What is call by value and call by reference (with syntax) 14. What is strcpy() and strlen()

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Cloud Computing – A Short Story

Who are you? If you ask this question to Elias or anyone of his five friends (or, brothers), they all would thrust their noses up in the air and say, “We are movie directors.” Yes, they all are movie directors even though they are just nineteen and released nothing but a bunch of silly short films on their YouTube channel. Yet they call themselves movie directors (strictly with no aspiring/wannabe prefix) because they all are the big believers of fake it till you make it. So if you ever see a group of six over-excited boys, holding cheap cameras and microphones, creating a ruckus in public places, you should turn opposite and walk as far as away possible. Because you don’t want to get involved in their craziness. “Bro, did you see Mutta’s face when I actually punched him?” Mikeal said, throwing his arm around Elias. “I swear I heard a faint ‘mommy’ from his mouth.” The boys, except Mutta of course, roared with laughter. “You’re supposed to act. Not to throw a real punch in my gut,” Mutta grumbled before sulking ahead into Elias’s house. “Didn’t want to miss the golden opportunity!” The boys roared once again and walked towards the front door of the house, leaving the warm summer air behind them. The house was dead quiet until Elias and his friends burst the door open and made their way to the hall. The boys were currently arguing about picking the right song that would fit the movie they had just filmed today morning in the city mall. And they were making no progress so far. No surprise. “No, Even. You cannot just use Justin Bieber song for an action scene. You’ll ruin […]


HOW TO CHOOSE A TRAINING INSTITUTE ? In this blog we are going to discuss about HOW TO CHOOSE A TRAINING INSTITUTE ? Let us see how is this possible . ___________________________________________________________________________________ HOW TO CHOOSE A TRAINING INSTITUTE? Most students want a specialization in their resumes. Though the specialization can be done easily through their college, students choose training institutes for certification. College education is supposed to make every student trained enough for professional life but unfortunately  that’s not the case. Students look to  join in training institutes to make themselves better equipped to face the world. With too many institutes available, it is becoming tough for students to choose the right institute to get trained in. Here are some tips which will help the students in selecting the right institute. CHOOSE A COURSE:- At first, you need to be sure of which field you like and  choosing which field of study would help you strengthen your career more. Choosing the course you want would help you in narrowing down the institute where you want to train. Evaluate your interests and choose. Don’t throw yourself  into something which you may regret later. And also choose a course which has future scope for better opportunities.   SEARCH FOR TRAINING INSTITUTES :- You either search for institutes in internet or ask about them to people you know. After deciding the course, you may search for places which provide you the course. List down all the institute names and start collecting information about them. Institutes with better brandings get more traction than small institutes but it is important for us to verify and learn every possibility. After knowing few institutes, here are few  tips to be  kept in mind […]

Java, .NET or Python Training in Chennai – Which is need of hour?

On daily basis, we meet number of candidates. Most of them are Job seekers. They will come for enquiry. Most of them will show willingness to learn programming languages. Their primary question to us is – “Which one is better – Java, .NET or Python Training”. Which language has more Job opportunities in Chennai? Though answer for this is quite simple, we will find out the logical reasons for that. Prior to this discussion, Do we really have differences between these programming languages? Dont we have differences? Yes, These languages are differences in their syntax itself. Apart from these syntax, their primary usage may also differ. Java: Java is well suitable for Web Application and Android App Development. As Java is platform independent, it is widely used. There are too many predictions about upcoming Java versions as well. In Java 8, they introduced Lambda Expressions. It was extended in Java 9. There are very high expectations on Java 10. Please note, Java 10 or JDE 1.10 is not yet released. .NET: The era of Microsoft is almost over. Apart from their dominance in Desktop side, Windows is in loosing side everywhere. Linux overtakes Windows in Server side. Android replaces Windows Mobile OS. All these are true. But, these statistics are not applicable for .NET. Microsoft made .NET Core as Free Software (Open Source). This is considered as a giant step from Microsoft. C# is still a predominant competitor to Java. There are number of organizations using C# .NET and ASP.NET. Thus, .NET is also in competition. Python: Python is reaching its peak nowadays. Almost every young programmer wants to learn Python. Final Year students’ first choice is Python. Why everybody is leaned towards Python? Simplicity. […]

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Java Training in Chennai

Before thinking about this topic – Let me ask you one question – Are “Java Training in Chennai” and “Java J2EE Training in Chennai” both same? Technically the answer is no. Everybody knows that “Java” refers to J1SE or Core Java. J2EE is Advanced Java. But, if you ask for the whole term “Java Training in Chennai” – practically the answer is yes. Every Training Institute is giving both Java and J2EE Training under the term “Java Training”. Few training institutes consider Java and J2EE as separate courses whereas a few consider as single entity. Java Training in Chennai – For Whom? There are different kind of people searching for Java Training. Somebody are from other domains. They want to enrich their Object Oriented Programming Training. Most of the people are Job Seekers. As IT Industry provides more Job opportunities for Java Developers, Job seekers prefer to learn Java. Java is OOP Language. Is it the only OOP Language in the world? No. Is it the first OOP language in the world? No. Is it easier OOP Language than other OOP languages? Definitely, No.  Is it 100% OOP language?  No.  Every answer is No. What makes people to go crazy with Java? Yes, it is not only OOP language but also platform independent language. Platform Independent Language What is meant by Platform independent?  Well, Have we ever heard the term “Platform”?  In railway station!  Exactly!  What is the role of platform in a railway station?  It acts as an intermediate between train and the passengers.  The same role is done by a software here as well.  What that software is called us?  Is it Java?  No.  No?  Then what software it is?  It is Operating […]

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Various Job Roles In Software Field

Various Job Roles In Software Field In this blog we are going to discuss about Various Job Roles In Software Field . Let us discuss below .  ____________________________________________________________________________________                                       Almost all the newly-graduated, inexperienced job seekers think that IT companies recruit only software developers and testers. This notion is entirely false, and these young job seekers are completely unaware of it. They firmly believe that learning new programming languages is the only way to get into their dream IT firm. As a result, they neglect the degree of specialization or skills they have already acquired over the years and force themselves to drown in the huge ocean of DOT NET or Java lessons. So to make job seekers aware of the different kind job roles offered by IT companies, the following piece of information is specifically researched and drafted. With this, they can now choose the job role that seems suitable for their interests and skill, rather than blindly going for programming. 1) Developer A programmer or developer is the one who codes the complex logic behind any application. The main job of the coder is to develop a software application that meets all the requirements specified by the client. Besides, if you choose Developer as your career, then you should be willing to learn any new programming languages.  But, please remember there are new languages introduced very often.  Along with these new languages, you should keep up with latest changes of already existing ones. A brilliant coder and a constant learner—this what a company will expect from you. To Learn: C, C#, Java, Python, PHP. 2) […]

Search Engine Optimization – An Overview:

Search Engine Optimization – An Overview:  In this blog we are going to discuss about Search Engine Optimization – An Overview: Let us explain it below : _______________________________________________________________________________________                        Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization also known as ‘SEO’ is the process of getting maximum visibility to a webpage or a website. It is nothing but affecting the visibility of a page so that the number of users visiting the page gets increased. People mostly check only the first few websites returned from the search results. SEO is all about making sure that any website comes in first few search results so that the number of visits gets increased. SEO uses various methodologies, strategies and techniques to increase the amount of visitors by getting high ranking of SERP for the website or webpage. SERP is search engine result page that is the page displayed by search engine when users specify certain keywords. Basically these tools help in obtaining higher ranking in SERP so that the website will have more clicks. SEO also helps to make sure that your website appears in search results when users search for relevant keywords. SEO reads texts, keywords, tags of websites so that it returns the websites when the specified keywords are queried by the users. It is also the organic way of getting traffic to your website rather than the un-natural ways such as paying for traffic. Like any other process, there are do’s and don’ts for SEO too. So it is in our best interests to follow the correct techniques to get maximum traffic and not indulge in any shortcuts.

An insight into the IT world

An insight into the IT world In this blog we are going to discuss about An insight into the IT world . Let us see how is this possible .  _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you are a fresher, who has just graduated from college and aspires to join in any one of the IT giants like TCS, Wipro, Infosys or Cognizant, then you might wish to have a clear insight about the way these big companies function. If so, then go through this article till the end to get to know about the different aspects of IT world. When someone says they work as a developer or a tester in a tech company, you may picture them sitting inside a tiny cubicle, its walls adorned with sticky notes and silly doodles, and aggressively scrolling down the poor mouse while their eyes remain glued to the bright screen in front of them. And those massive, glassy buildings you have seen while you travelled through the city and the groomed, fashionably dressed neighbor from your house might have added extra details to the picture you have painted inside your head. So now the final picture, with the little information you are aware of: IT- a glamorous lifestyle. The real picture, though, is completely different. IT is anything but a lavishing lifestyle. It is a tough place. It’s competitive, fast-moving, and adapts itself quickly to the constant changes in this ever-evolving technological world. So, if you are planning to step into this field, you should be willing to learn unceasingly, update yourself with latest technologies, and be one step ahead of time. Moreover, since the IT market is spread around all over the world, you will be insisted on moving into […]