In our ‘Software Testing Training with Top 4 Live Projects’ series, we are going to see the third project now. 3. Notepad++ Are you aware of this project? Well, whatever the answer, you would have definitely come across the word ‘Notepad’, if you are a Windows user. Just to understand the name – ‘Notepad++’, you can compare the programming languages C and C++. Yes, the exact difference lies between Notepad and Notepad++. Like C++ has many more advantages over the programming language C, though just a ‘++’ is added in the naming, Notepad++ has also emerged with number of features over Notepad from Microsoft. Comparison: Notepad Vs Notepad++ Notepad Notepad++ Licensed Software Free Software with GPL License A Microsoft product Developed by Don Ho Will not support Tabs Supports multiple tabs No Split screen option Split screen option is present No Syntax highlighting Syntax Highlighting for multiple languages Regular expression is not supported Regular expression is supported Macro recording is not possible Macro Recording is supported No Plugins available Plugins Available Cannot convert from Upper to Lower or Lower to Upper cases Case Conversion is possible in a single click Notepad is available along with your Windows OS, whereas Notepad++ can be downloaded for free from As we discussed in the previous post, learning testing through Notepad++ testing is easy one. The reasons are same as previously stated. I am just reiterating those here with. Users know the exact usage of Notepad++ and it is available for free. Hence, BRS does not play major role here. Users know the difference between Notepad and Notepad++. Through these differences, they can understand the functionalities of Notepad++. Users can get to know the existing bugs from the […]