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Software Testing Training with Top 4 Live Projects

Will you guide me Live Projects along with Software Testing Training? Are there software available to learn Software Testing through involving ourselves in testing those projects? These are very common questions among Beginners of Software Testing. I faced such questions during our software testing training in Chennai to the fresh graduates. Main Hurdle: The main hurdle in providing Live Projects to the software testing trainees is * The Functionalities of the Live Projects might be very new to the beginners and without knowing the functionalities, Testing is merely impossible. * BRS Document, which is considered as the bible of Testers – will not be available openly for the Live Projects. Solution to the Main Hurdle: Unknown Functionalities We should get the Live Projects for which, beginners can at least imagine the basic functionalities though they are not good in that. If we have any well known existing projects similar to the Live projects to be tested, We can guide / start Testing those. The Testers can compare the functionalities of the existing project with the new project to be tested. It is kind of Testing an unknown project with the help of a known project. Through this approach, Testers can test and find out more bugs. Some times, they even can raise Feature Requests as they are aware of two projects (known and unknown) now. No BRS Document For most of the Live projects which are available for free, we could not expect proper documentation. As No BRS document is available, again a well structured, completed project is needed for comparing the to be tested project. Software Testing Training with Top 4 Live Projects: There are many Free Projects available which need QA or Testers […]

Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion (GD) Preparation – 2

Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion (GD) Preparation – 2 This is the second and Final part of our Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion(GD) Preparation. 5. Listen: This is an important rule of thumb. A discussion is not only to talk but also for listening. Listen to the conversation sincerely and appreciate what others are saying. Evaluators will judge your listening skills. Others views and thought will invoke and trigger your thoughts. You may get some additional points to talk. It is an additional benefit of listening. If you could remember few names of the participants, it is an added advantage. If you say “I agree with Suresh’s view”, it will show what a good listener you are. People will think that you have properly listened to the self-introductions as well. Keep nodding when others speak. 6. Don’t be arrogant: Do not continuously speak on and on. Do not repeat the same point again and again. Remember, it is a discussion. Allow others to speak as well. Encourage and facilitate participation from others. Do not be aggressive. 7. Sort Out Disagreements: Sort out disagreement and contradictions. If you do not agree with someone’s view, let them complete and then raise your objection. When you object someone’s view, back it up with solid reasons. Intervene if someone else is talking out of the topic and going away from the subject. Providing a meaningful direction to the discussion will always give a good impression about you. 8. Use facts: Use the facts, statistics, quotes, everyday life examples to express your thoughts. It could be a related news in the newspaper about the topic or a quote from a leader etc. It will help you to score […]