Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion (GD) Preparation – 1 Group Discussion is a technique used by many organizations to filter the candidates especially when there is large number of candidates appeared for the interview. Group of participants are given a topic to talk about, in a limited time. Evaluators judge the performance of the participants and pick the best candidates. Group Discussion is an easy and effective way to judge the participant’s confidence, analytical skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills. It is also an easy way to filter candidates. Fine, Let us discuss about Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion (GD) Preparation here with one by one. Be Confident: Be Confident – This is the very basic thing to be remembered always! You can clearly express your views only when you are confident and relaxed. Be confident. Forget that you are going to be evaluated. Just be in a mood as when you are in a discussion with your friends. Prepare: Proper preparation is the key to express you clearly and concisely. If you are given a 5-10 minutes before the discussion, use that time effectively for preparation. Note down your points in a small piece of paper. Think both in ‘far and against’ for the same topic. It will be useful when anyone presents a view completely opposite to your views. You can express your points at that time. Speak First: Grab the opportunity to talk first. It will give a good impression about you to the evaluators. But do so only if you have enough points and knowledge on the subject. Don’t think too much about your slang of the language and the grammar. Remember that nobody will care about the grammar […]