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Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers – 3

In our ‘Top 7 HR Questions and Answers’ series, this is third part. Here we will go through the next two questions. For anyone who missed to read the previous two parts, can get those from here: 1. Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers – Part I 2. Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers – Part II 4. Work Pressure will be more in our organization. Are you ready to join here? This is one of the Interview questions to assess how sharp the candidate is. The real meaning of this question is “Are you good enough to handle pressurized situations? Or Are you really lazy?” We should be very careful to answer this kind of questions. Our body language too plays an important role here. For a question like “Are you lazy”, if you take a minute to answer, nothing else is needed. That itself indicates that you are a kind of lazy being. You could answer like, “I am a young chap and I could produce more than expected”. 5. We have bond for two years. Is that fine for you? This is one of the tricky questions to be handled. As stated for the previous question, body language is important here as well to answer this question. Though it is illegal to ask us to sign in labor bond, some interviewers tend to ask this question. The intention of this question is quite simple. Instead of asking “For how many years will you be with the organization?” they throw this question. Always think about the real meaning hidden behind the question. Though the bond labor system is illegal and punishable, some organizations have the system to keep the employees for […]

Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers – 2

In our Top 7 HR Interview Questions & Answers series, today we will go through the second and third questions. Please note that in HR Interview, every question is important. As we say, these are top 7 questions, it does not mean that the other questions are least important. Every question is equally important. The intention of every question thrown is to find out your attitude. Be Patient, Be polite and Be careful before answering any question. Some times if you get confused with the question, take little time to answer. There is nothing wrong in that. We will have our next two questions and their answers in this post now. 2. What do you do if you get another offer from big organization? Many small / medium level organizations will have this question in their interviews. You cannot say “No, I won’t accept offer from big organizations”. This is incorrect answer straightaway. Hence, trying to say this answer will make the climate bad in the interview. You could try any of the below answers for this question. 1. I will be one among the lakhs of employees in big employees. It is always good for a learner like me to be with budding organizations like yours. Thus, I feel this organization suits best for me than bigger organizations. 2. My primary focus is on the Job Description. I am least bothered about the size of the organization. I feel my qualification and interest are best fit with the Job Description here. 3. What will you do if you get any better offer than ours? People won’t run behind money always. Though it is important to earn more, Money is not the one and only […]