If you search for the best Software Training Institutes in Chennai with placements, you can get a list from Google. Some Software Training Institutes say “100% Placements”; Some may say “Software Training with Placement Assurance”. Are they really providing placements? How can we cross check this? The first thing is we can surf their websites. Most of the training Institutes have “Placed Students” list. You can go through that. Some may show hundreds of students placed; A few will show “Students placed in the last month”. We need to confirm if the list is true or not. Every Software Training Institute collects photographs of the students while they join. Students affix their photographs in the applications. When these students get placed in software companies, it is easy for the institutes to display their photographs. But none of the Software Training Institutes in Chennai did this. They have a lengthy list but without photos. This may raise questions on the authentication of the placement data provided. If the photographs of the trainees are not available, they can opt another thing. The Social Networking profile IDs (Facebook, Google+ or Twitter) of the placed students could be mentioned along the with the placement details. Those links give authentication on the placement details. Unfortunately, none of the Software Training Institutes in Chennai provide this too. One more option: Go to the training institutes where you want to enquire. Discuss about placements with the training coordinator. When they say Yes for placements, ask for the photos. If they hesitate to provide, don’t believe them. When photos or FB, Google+ IDs are not shown in the placement information, we could conclude those as Fake Information. Believing fake information will not make […]