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Important things before finalizing your Online Training provider

There are two kinds of training. The first one is Getting trained through Training Institutes. The second is getting Online Training. Here we will be discussing the important things before finalizing your Online Training provider. 1. On line Recorded Trainings There are many videos available. You can get number of videos in Youtube. The good thing is you can watch many videos for the same topic. All videos available here are free of cost. There are some websites which provide paid version of Training videos. One such good website is Though you need to pay more here, the quality of the training is good. 2. Online courses You can join any online course. You can choose the course based on the duration of the course and syllabus of the course. There are many Universities and well reputed training providers to provide Online training. is one of the best online courses provider. Coursera provides more than 600 courses from 100+ partners. 3. Online Training through Institutes Nowadays, many training institutes started providing online courses. You can get customized training through training institutes. You should call them and book a time for online training. The best part here is, the medium of the training. If you wish to have the training in tamil, telugu or any indian language, you can get. In the other two modes (Online recorded training and Online courses), medium of instruction would be english mostly. Here, you can get the training in your mother tongue. Now you may have the question – How can I know about their medium of training? Its simple. You can search with city names where the language is widely spoken. Eg. If you want to learn […]

My experience with the Software Training Institutes in Chennai – 2

My days with the .NET Training started. The institute provided me colourful pamphlets and syllabus. The receptionist in the institute told me I could get the job very quickly. I felt very happy. Every night I will see the syllabus and feel proud. My only dream was to become a .NET professional. One day, I told my friend, the next time When I go to home, I will go as a .NET Professional. Hearing my words, he smirked at me. I did not understand the meaning of his smile. Everyday, I went to the training punctually. In the initial classes, the trainer started telling me about Objects. He explained me clearly that an Object is a real time entity. But I could not understand why he says that. I did not know how correlate a real time entity with a programming language training. I was very calm during the initial days of the training. In later days, I slowly started feeling bad about the training. The concepts whatever explained was easy understandable. But I could not understand why they were taught. I even did not know what is the use of a Class. Whatever the program being taught there, were easily could be written in C. But I learnt C# .NET. I did not know the significance of .NET. Only in the later period, I came to know another truth. Yes, the trainer is also searching jobs in MNCs. He told me about the interviews he attended. I wondered how he was not selected in any of the companies. At last, I realised that he is also not fit enough to get a job. If he is also not fit, How can I? My last […]

Real Time Mainframe Training in Chennai

Payilagam software Training institute is known for its real time Mainframe Training in Chennai. Here we explain what is real time Mainframe Training and how we achieve real time Mainframe Training in Chennai. What is Real time Mainframe Training? Trainees come to us for Mainframe training are freshers or experienced professionals. Either it can be Fresher or experienced professional. But both of them are going to use their learning in the IT industry. They learn here. Then experienced professionals are going to apply their learning in their daily work. Freshers will be attending mainframe interviews. Once they get the job, they are going to lively apply their knowledge what they gain from here. Our Training program has the components to provide real time working experience in Mainframe. What is the use of Real time Mainframe Training? After getting trained from us, freshers shall be attending Mainframe placement interviews. What if the candidate has some knowledge of real time work? What if the candidate is able to solve small issues that can occur in the day to day work? Won’t that impress the interviewer? It will. Obviously our trainees will have the competitive edge over others. Our Real time training will help the experienced professional to work better. It will show light on the grey areas of their Mainframe knowledge. Improved knowledge will result in better work. Better performance will give a better career growth. This is the advantage of having real time Mainframe Training. How we achieve real time Mainframe Training in Chennai? We have the below components in our Training program to achieve real time Mainframe Training in Chennai. 1. MNC Employees as Trainers We do not entertain any full time trainers. All our […]

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My experiences in Mainframe training – I

I am a Mainframe trainer in one of the best Mainframe Training institutes in Chennai. This is not the story of my teaching experience. This story is all about my entry into world of mainframe. Yes this is about my experiences in Mainframe Training as Mainframe trainee. When I joined in an Engineering college, I thought “would I get a job after my Engineering”? Will there be placements in my college? Will I get placed in any company? I thought “If I get a job for Rs.10000 salary per month, I would be happy”. First 3 years of my college life went like a roller coaster. During the culmination of final year, they started arranging off-campus interviews through the placement cell in my college. I did not clear my first two campus interviews. I was very upset. I decided that I should not miss the next opportunity. I worked really hard. The third company (IT Company) was a growing company. It was based out of Bangalore. It has a branch in Chennai. I got through the third campus placement interview after many rounds of interviews. “What is you preferred location?” They asked in the HR interview. As I said earlier, company had branches in Chennai and Banagaluru. I said “any location is okay for me” (after all you don’t want to be rejected because of the location right?). They selected me and offer letter was sent to my college later. Final year was a fun filled year. You have job in my hand. You can join the job after completing the final year. What else you want? I had completed my Final year. I was waiting for the joining date from my company. My company […]

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What should be focused on Java / .NET Training in Chennai

It is quite common to search for the best Java / .NET training institute in Chennai for freshers. As software industry gives lure some salary, everybody (irrespective of their fields) want to be in the industry. In that, as the general assumption, everyone wants to learn programming. To be a software developer, there are two general major ways. One is Java and the other is .NET. That is the reason, people are searching for Java / .NET training institutes in Chennai. (As the government focuses only on Chennai, no other major cities have software companies). Otherwise people could have searched training centers in their own cities. When you focus on getting trained in a programming language in an institute, you should be very cautious enough to choose the best among them. Getting trained in a programming language and getting trained in real language – Both are same. You can learn alphabets, numbers and grammar of a language. But, unless you know how to use them appropriately, there is no use. The same is applicable for a programming language too. For example, if you learn java, you can learn – What is OOPs, What is variable, what is class and OOPs concepts? Unless you know how to program with those, there is of no use. When you select a Java / .NET training institute in Chennai, you should ask them some basic questions. A few of them are * Will they give syllabus? More or less, all the training institutes provide that. * Will they train you to do mini projects? This is the important point. When you learn car driving, you know where gear is, where clutch is and where the accelerator is. Is that […]