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Role of Trainees in Software Training

I am a Mainframe Trainer in a reputed training institute in Chennai. Students usually use search engines to find the best software training institutes in Chennai. Also they ask their friends who have already done any courses in the training institutes. They gather all the information about training institutes in Chennai. After that, they choose an institute which is best suited for them. Here comes the problem. Just joining a best institute will give you all the knowledge you need and the placement? Trainees think so. Is that true? Joining a good institute may help you in getting the knowledge to some extent. Is it the only factor that makes a software training program effective? Is it the only factor that makes the training program successful? Certainly not! Trainees do forget that they have massive role to play in the training process. They do not know that quality software training is a two way process. As a trainer I feel that the participation from trainees in the below areas are must. These qualities are expected of the trainees to make the training program a grand success. We see the role of trainees in software training here. 1. Consistent attendance After joining a course, don’t bunk the classes. As it is a short term course each and every class is important. If you bunk a first or second day class of a new topic and join in the middle, you will not have fair idea about the whole concept that is taught 2. Be Punctual Try to be punctual to the classes. Imagine you are 10 minutes late to the class daily. You may think that it is just 10 minutes. Actually you are losing 10 […]

Why do we need software training centers when online training videos are available?

“Why do we require software training institutes when there are plenty of online training videos are available?” This is the question thrown at me during lunch time a few days back. We discussed this for more than half an hour. I felt this is one of the good questions, for which a training institute should know the answer. After the internet era started, there are good number of blogs, articles, PDFs, video tutorials available. These are not only for learning Software but for any field. One of my friends learned preparing dishes with the help of online training videos. I have gone through many videos related to networking area. (By the way, I like the videos of Eli the Computer guy. Link Likewise, you may also have seen videos on Basics of Java, .NET or Software testing, etc. My cousin learnt drawing mehandi by watching videos in youtube. Now, the question is, Are these online videos enough for software training? I do agree that they are providing good information. But, definitely they are not enough. Why? The reason is simple. The trainings could not be customized to our need. The videos will provide generic information in which, you may know some points already and for a few points, you may expect more depth information. Thus, these videos will not fulfill your needs. In crisp, Online Software Training Videos are good enough to learn basics but not suitable for complete training Software Training Videos are generic, not customized to your needs If you ask question, you need to wait for days to get the answer You cannot get proper emphasize where you want to stop and where you want to go faster. The slang of […]

Mainframe Training in Chennai – What is CICS ?

Are you looking for Mainframe Training in Chennai? Are you familiar with the Mainframe terms COBOL,CICS,IMS,JCL,DB2,VSAM etc. These may be new for you. It is good for you to have some idea about these topics before you get into Mainframe training. Getting training theoretically will not help much. You should know where it is applied as well. So let us see the overview of CICS here. CICS is Customer Information Control System. CICS is basically Online Transaction Processing middle-ware. It means, data is processed then and there. Have you ever thought, how ATMs, online ticketing systems work? Our bank account is debited as soon as we withdraw money. Total number available tickets are updated as soon as we book a ticket online. CICS supports such operations. CICS provides user interactive (using screens) online processing. It also provides background processing. Most of the companies in banking, ATM, Ticketing, insurance and defense sectors use CICS. Many government bodies use CICS for online processing. How this might have given some idea about CICS.

My experience with the Software Training Institutes in Chennai

This could be the story of most of us who came to Chennai for finding a job in IT industry. When I first came to Chennai, I have searched for the best Software Training Institutes in Chennai. All I know was NIIT, CSC and nothing else. Though I am a Computer Science guy, I did not know anything much. There were two things annoying me. Firstly, I did n’t have programming skill. Second one, which really tortures me was everybody advised me to learn any Programming language to get a job easily. I started searching for the best (and of course, cheap) Java training institute or .NET training institute in Chennai. (Thank god – No institute provided Android training in those days). I have split the week in such a way – Monday, Tuesdays – Training Institutes in Tambaram area, Wednesday, Thursdays – training centers in Anna Nagar area and Friday, Saturdays – institutes in Velachery side. I have a plenty of pamphlets in my room provided by various institutes. At last, one of my roommates advised to learn both .NET and Java. I (and himself too) did not even know if we get trained in one, we can learn the other by ourselves. I found his idea good one. Again I started my searching like Vikramadhitya. This time my searching is different. I went to each and every training center. I asked for discounts or free course. I will pay for either Java or .NET training and they should teach me the remaining one. But nobody was ready to accept my request. At last I joined in a training institute which is widespread all over Tamil Nadu. My course is .NET. My friend suggested […]

Why should I learn .NET?

hy should I learn .NET in your training center in Chennai?” This is the straight question I faced this morning. I was bit confused to come to a conclusion on the stress in the question. I asked the girl, who raised this – “Is the stress on .NET learning or learning in our .NET training institute?”. She gave a smile. “Could you explain me both?” She further asked. Then I started explaining about .NET. I asked her, ‘Do you know what happens when Java code is compiled?”. She said, it is converted into byte code. Yes, similarly, .NET code is compiled to Intermediate Language (IL). When the application is executed, it is then compiled into native executable code. This is where Common Language Runtime (CLR) comes into picture. CLR manages the native executable code by providing services like Memory Management and Exception Handling. I told her, the compilation is much faster in ASP .NET. How? Only for the first time, the pages are compiled in .NET. Successive requests use this compiled output to yield the results in much faster way. Apart from this, like Java, .NET. These are some basic advantages of .NET (dot net). Suddenly the girl interrupted. “Ok Sir, this is enough for me on .NET. Why should I select your training institute? Could you narrate that? But not too much, please”. Why should I select your training institute? “That’s fantastic. We don’t have any full time trainers. All our trainers have more than six years of experience in the industry. Not only that, they like providing training. I won’t say they know every nuke and corner in technologies like .NET. But, they know how to bring your programming skills out. They explain […]

What is IMS?

During our oracle Training introduction session at Payilagam, Our oracle Trainer was explaining the types of databases. He told the students about Hierarchical, Network and relational databases .Oracle comes under relational database. He provided example for each database type, namely IMS for Hierarchical, IDMS for Network and Oracle for relational. One of our students has asked a question “what is IMS and how it works”. As we have an expert taking IMS training for our Mainframe training students, I thought that our Mainframe trainer can explain this elaborately. So we have asked our Mainframe Trainer to brief about IMS to our oracle batch students. I thought sharing that information here will be useful. “IMS is Information Management System. When first space craft for Moon was developed during 1965-66, there were huge amount of bills and information. Storing this information in the conventional file system was an overhead. So there was a need for new database system that provides data integrity, avoids data redundancy and provides faster access to data. Hence IBM, Rockwell and caterpillar joined together and developed Information control system. Later name was changes to Information Management System (IMS). IMS has both online transaction Management system and Database management system. Transaction Manager is called IMS Data Communication (IMS DC). Database Management is called IMS DB. Data is stored in IMS DB in hierarchical structure. That is, we have parent child relationship between the data records. We will have one root record. Under the root record, there will be child records. Records are called as segments. Child segment data can be retrieved by specifying the required path (path from root to that child) in the hierarchical structure. We have something called Data Language Interface (DLI). […]