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Why it is named as .NET?

We provide real time .NET Training in Chennai. We usually encourage our trainees to ask more and more questions. My only advice before the class is “It is not college. Whatever you learn from our .NET training, those will be helpful for your entire career. Hence, unless you are satisfied, don’t leave the trainer. Throw more questions – that in turn, will throw more light in your life. It is not only trainers’ duty to make the training real time; It is the trainees duty too.’ One fine day, one of our trainees in .NET class raised this question. Yes, she asked “Why do we call that as .NET?”. I was sitting in the last bench, doing some tasks in the internet. I was astonished to hear her question. I never thought of that and heard too. She started telling that Java has some significance in naming. She knows why Selenium is called as Selenium. But, she needs the answer for this. Why it is named as .NET? Microsoft started .NET framework in the late 1990s. Originally, it was named as Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS). The reason for naming ‘.NET’ is not clear. Microsoft never disclosed the reason behind that. However, we can predict some simple reasons for naming NGWS as .NET. 1) The later versions of Visual Studio have direct interaction with Internet. Those versions are much useful to develop web (network) applications. 2) In those times, when Sun Microsystem’s theme was “The network is the computer”. To have a synonymous name, Microsoft might have selected .NET. 3) Some websites claim that .NET stands for Network Enabled Technology. That is the reason, why it is return in capital letters. These are all just […]

.NET Training: What is ASP .NET meant for?

In one fine morning, I came to know this. We run .NET training in our Chennai center. Normally, I encourage our students to ask more questions in classes. To get real time training, it is necessary to be attentive in classes. Unless, you ask questions, nobody can say you are attentive and interested. We really encourage our students to get as much as from the trainer. Training like .NET needs complete understanding. Otherwise, students will definitely struggle when they get into real projects. We have C# .NET and ASP .NET in our curriculum for .NET Training. A few days back, I got this question from one of my .NET students. He asked, “Sir, do you know what is ASP .NET meant for?” Before to his question, I never had this in my mind. I am not a programming guy. Anyway, I felt his question was nice one. Immediately, I enquired my .NET trainer. He explained me in simple terms. I am just sharing his words here. This is the world of Internet. Hence, to create dynamic web pages, we are definitely in need of a framework. ASP .NET is used for that. Yes, ASP.NET is a server side Web Application framework. This is designed to develop dynamic web pages. Moreover, ASP .NET is built on the Common Language Runtime (CLR). Now, you might wonder “What is CLR?” CLR is nothing but an execution engine. This gives assurance to provide properties and behaviors in Memory Management, Security and Exception Handling. Don’t we have any programming language for writing ASP.NET code? Yes, we do. According to Microsoft, ASP.NET supports Visual Basic, C# and J#. In simple words, ASP.NET uses VB or C# to build dynamic web pages. […]

Why do we need software training institutes?

Why do we need software training institutes? In this fast paced internet world, where you can get all the information you need, on the internet, any one really need to go to a software training institute to learn? We have PDFs, e-learning websites, Free online forums , Power Point presentations on internet that can give you deep insight of any software course you need. Still why people prefer to go to an institute to learn any technology?For Jobs? Of course Job is one of the factors because many training institutes advertise like “Best training with 100% placements in Chennai”, “Training with 100% placements job assurance” etc. But people know that most of them are fake and they have heard stories of their friends who have joined institutes that gave placement assurance at the time of joining and gave no job after completing the course. All know that the goal of those institutes is only money. Still why they go for institutes? Students cannot concentrate while they are on internet and laptop at home, they need conventional classrooms for learning? This may be true for only few percentages of people but not for all. To understand the student’s tendency towards training institute, we need to go back to Human History. At the beginning of ages, human beings spent lot of time in observing and understanding the nature. Someone was looking at the soil and understood the substances in the soil and passed this information to next generation. This information was in the mind of Man for so many years and someone from later generation found the metal particles in the soil and passed this information to his next generation. Using this information, someone was able to […]

5 Things that make Mainframe Training the best

There is always a need for a quality Mainframe professional in the industry. To become a quality Mainframe professional one needs quality Mainframe training. Though there are many aspects contributing to the best Mainframe Training, here we cover 5 important things which you should be aware of. 1.Real Time Trainer Not only for Mainframe Training, when you decide to join any software training , you must look at the quality of the trainer. The most important objective of joining Mainframe training is to get placement. Only a trainer who has real working experience can teach you with the concepts and real time examples that are practiced inside the industry. Real time training is very important to get a job. So Mainframe training given by Real time trainers will always have better quality than any other full time trainers. 2. Training On Live Mainframe servers This is very vital buddy. Just a theoretical Mainframe training with fixed PPT does not help you at all. Training should be given on real Mainframe servers. Trainees should be allowed to practice and work on the live Mainframes. This is must because more you work practically the more knowledge you gain as far as Mainframe Training is concerned. 3. Best Materials. Yes, this is important too. The materials given to you during the Mainframe training should have proper flow. They should cover all the important concepts used in the industry. The content has to cover the latest versions of the databases and tools. 4. Case Studies A best training program should encourage active participation from the Trainees. A best Trainer alone cannot make Mainframe training as best. Training plan should motivate the cooperation of trainees. Trainees should be given real […]

Software Testing Training Course with Placement Assurance in Chennai?

Are you looking for Software Testing Course with Placement Assurance in Chennai? Go to any Software Testing Training Institute which offers Placement Assurance. Ask them the previous placement records with all Contact information. Then you will realize the truth! No software testing training institute can provide you such details. Reason is simple and sharp – No software training institute can you provide you placement. In a talent pooling IT industry, Placements can be possible only by the abilities and skills what you have, and not by the Institute where are you are trained. If placements are possible through training institutes, the very first persons to get placements would be the cheap labored Trainers there! These ‘placement assurance’ advertisements are only meant to attract you – nothing else! When well-known colleges accredited with University, could not provide you placement assurances, how can we say these institutes can? Ok. Your question is now then – How can one find the best Software testing Training Course in Chennai? At first, the training course should focus on real time world. That means the curriculum of the course should exactly match with the need of the industry. Then, it should be trained by the trainers who really work and not mere train in the domain. The most important thing is the trainees should assess the training. To achieve this, trainees should be allowed to attend free of cost at least a few demo classes. In short, * Ask for Free Demo classes (Two classes least) • Inquire about Real time Software Testing Training • Find out the institutes where Training by Working Professionals • Last, but not least – No attractive, false advertisements (like Placement Assurance)