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Selenium Training – Why Java and not C or C++ in Electronic Devices?

This morning, one of our automation testing trainers faced a nice question. Why C or C++ is not used in Electronic Devices such as Microwave Ovens, Toasters, etc. As usual, this was raised during our software training session. We run Selenium Automation Testing Training in Chennai. The very first part in learning Selenium is learning Selenium IDE. For learning Selenium IDE, no programming skills are required. After learning IDE, we will introduce Selenium RC and Web driver. As Java is predominantly used in many ways in the Electronic devices, Web applications, etc., we train core Java for Automation testing training. During the introduction session of Java, our trainer narrated the history of Java. How it evolved? The very first name of Java is not Java – It is Oak. Later it was changed to Java. Though Java is evolved from C and C++, it has a lot more than those two. Java inherits the syntax of C and the Object Orientation from C++. One good thing about Java is, we can use Java for Web Applications. Now, you may have this question- Can’t we C++ for Web Applications? No. Do you know why? C and C++ uses the concept of Pointers. If we use Pointers in Web applications, there is a high probability that we may end up with Security concerns. Java never uses Pointers. That is one of the good reasons – Why Java is alone (and not C, C++) used for Web Applications. Our trainer narrated more than this. He told the trainees that in embedded systems like Microwave Ovens, Toasters, etc., Java is used. One of our students immediately raised the voice ‘Why Java and why not C and C++?’ The answer […]

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Software Testing Training – Manual Testing or Automation Testing?

Manual Testing Vs Automation Testing Last week, I met some fresh graduates who hate programming a lot. They want to be in Software Testing arena. As we provide training in Software Testing (both Manual and Automation) in Chennai, they inquired me about the scopes of those. Their question is quite straight forward! “Software Testing Training – Manual or Automation – Which one should I choose to grow?” I could observe the trend that Fresh graduates are willing to get trained in Manual Testing; Experienced Software Testers prefer Automation testing training. The reason is quite easy to understand. Whoever have fear in programming search for better opportunities? For them, Software Manual testing is an oasis. They learn Software Testing which includes STLC, Software Testing Methodologies, Bug Life Cycle, etc. Once they get trained in Software Testing, they feel better. This increases their confidence to get a job. They search for jobs. They get placements. Once they get settled in manual testing, they want to grow more. For growing more, it is important to learn Automation. As QTP is not Open source and costly one, they opt for Selenium. Moreover, QTP supports only Windows Environment. On the other hand, Selenium is open source, free and supports multiple environments! Job Opportunities are also more! Do you want to know the reason for this? Even a small company can do automation testing with Selenium. This is the reason many are willing to get Selenium training. Now, let’s discuss about the title. Is it good to learn Automation testing first without learning manual testing? Never! Without learning the basics, one cannot be a good tester! To be a good tester, it is necessary to have testing skills rather than automation […]

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Selenium Training for Flash Applications in Chennai

A few days back, I got a call from a guy from Guindy, Chennai. He enquired about providing Selenium Training in Chennai for Websites with Flash applications. Here I just share my views on that. Thanks to that guy. (Otherwise I would have missed the opportunity to know about this.) He told me that they have already tried with QTP and it did not help them much to automate flash applications. As our trainers provide Training on Selenium, I immediately contacted them for getting clarified. Now, it’s their turn to reply back for the question. Will Selenium support Automation Testing for Flash applications? If yes, we can provide include that as curriculum in our Selenium Training in Chennai. Yet I don’t know the answer. Probably, our trainers will come with the solution. Selenium uses Document Object Model (DOM) of a web browser. DOM is nothing but getting the HTML element exactly in tree structure. That is my understanding. Selenium experts may differ in this. In Flash applications, we could not get the DOM element values. That’s the reason people think that Selenium is not optimal for Flash applications. I started searching the web world for that. I got some replies as Sikuli which has a Java API will support Flash Applications automation testing. But some said if the whole web application is full of Flash, then Sekuli will not help much. Somebody suggests Adobe genie for this. Still I am searching. But still, I can find some pages for Flash – Selenium support. I can see ‘The flash-selenium project’ which aims to achieve Flash communication capabilities using Selenium RC. JavaScript is used in Selenium RC. This is used for communicating with the browser. Flash-Selenium is […]

Should I learn Software Testing as its not providing me Growth?

Most of the people (especially Fresh Graduates) have this, while they come for Software Testing training in our center. This is not a single voice. This is the voice of the mass. When People look into Software Industry, most of the people believe that the Industry is full of Developers. Those people assume that if they are not good in any Programming language, they are not fit enough to be in Software Industry. In reality, this is a blind belief. If you take any successful organization, it consists of Many Teams including Development, Software Testing, Networking, Marketing, Sales, Support and HR. Though the other teams will have less number of employees comparing to Development Team strength, the Testing teams will have almost equal number of strength. If you look into any major Software Organization, they will give the same importance to Software Testing as they give to Development. Most of the organizations provide a month long Software Testing Without getting official consent from the Quality Control and Assurance (The other terms for Software Testing Team), the Product releases would not be possible. Here, we mention some of the major tasks in which we could provide training on Software Testing. In every Organization, the growth path for Software Testing Teams would be: 1. Software Test Engineer Executing Test Cases Writing Test Cases Understanding the Product Getting Domain Knowledge 2. Senior Test Engineer Writing Test Scripts Using the Domain Knowledge gained in Level 1 to automate some tasks Learning Automation Test Tools Becoming Expert Guiding the Test Engineers 3. Test Lead Module Level Responsibility Anchor Point for the Testing Team Test Plan Activities After this level, a Test Lead can choose between climbing the Technical ladder or […]