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Best .NET Training Institutes in Chennai

It is important to choose the best .NET training institutes in Chennai when one is looking for getting a career through .NET. We can find many good .NET training centers in Chennai. When we discuss about the best among them, we could not come to a conclusion immediately. (And of course we shouldn’t!!) There are many aspects to be considered for finding the best. In any case, the best can be decided only if we compare with all others. To compare them, we should know either sides of any .NET training institute. Each software training institute will be good (or even the best) in one course and be the mediocre or bad in another. Hence we should not select a course based on the training center. Teaching or Training is the profession, where either parties (The Trainer and trainees) should be synchronized. Only an empty vessel can take water. At the same time, the source (water) should also be clean and good. The Trainers should be clear in what they know and what they transfer. It is always good to preach what we practice. If they are real professionals working with real projects, that is an added advantage to the trainees. The trainees can get real time practices as examples in the training sessions. The trainer can understand the education background, learning level of the trainee and can clearly explain what is important for surviving in the IT Field. Thus to find out the best .NET training Institute in Chennai, I found the below are really important. * Search for a .NET training institute where Real Time .NET Training is taught * Search for working Professionals as trainers * Ask for Free Demo Classes * […]

Software Testing Training Myths

When we started providing Software Testing Training in Chennai, some of friends raised the below myths and tried to find the Truth for those. Myth #1: Software testing training will make you to find all the bugs Truth: No tester can find all the bugs irrespective of his / her experience. Tester can attempt to find many bugs or defects as much as possible. Finding all the bugs is impossible. And Training on software testing can make a person, good in understanding the testing processes but will not make to find all the bugs. Myth #2: Software testing is a boring job and the same applies to training too. Truth: Software Testing needs creativity, Attention and a thirst for quality. Accordingly Testing Training should also be given in such a way. As there will not be much lab sessions for Software Manual Testing training, the interaction between the trainer and the trainees will play a vital role to make the training session as not boring one. Myth #3: Any one can attend Software Testing training Truth: Software Testing is an arduous discipline and it requires many skills. Some of the skills are Imagination, Alertness in what the testers are doing, Interest to learn the domain, taking quick decisions, etc. Myth #4: Automation Testing will eliminate Software Manual Testing and hence Manual Testing Training is not needed. Truth: Nowhere 100 per cent Automation is possible. For a good Software Tester, knowledge about the product is important. Anyone can become Automation Tester but only a good tester who is expertise in the domain can find valuable bugs. Myth #5: Software Testing Training is easy Truth: When we start measuring ‘easy’ or ‘tough’, it is entirely depends on […]

Decide good better and the best Software Training Institutes in Chennai

The goal of the technical institutes changes by time. In the early 1970s, the term ‘technical institute’ refers to Type writing institutes. Now the term refers to Software training institutes. Some refer them as ‘training institutes’ whereas some still keep them as ‘training centers’. (MS Word and Google correct me if I am typing ‘centre’ (In British English) which was taught to me in the schools). In Chennai? When we look for good, better or best software training institutes or centers, first we should not limit the title to Chennai, because we should not restrict ourselves to only one city in finding out the best. Hence we start discussing about the topic in general irrespective of the location asked for. Which is the best? All the advertisements of the software training institutes present that they are the best. When an institute says they are the best, it could be possible to be one of the good institutes. So, let us not spend our time in finding out good software training institutes. We will consider every institute as good one. Now the competition is between the better and the best. Good Training, Affordable fees and the location – These are the three factors that make a training institute better or the best. Let us talk about the three factors in reverse order. In Chennai – Where? First Location – In Chennai, it is good to look for the training institutes, where the transportation facilities are feasible. (You might have terrible traffic experiences in Chennai). Thus it is good to have the training institutes in locations where Bus and Train – both are feasible. Such areas are Egmore, Tambaram and Velachery. Among these locations, we can consider […]

Software Training Institutes in Chennai with 100% Placement

Are you looking for Software Training Institutes in Chennai with 100% placement? There are some Software Training Institutes advertise themselves as such. I have come across some advertisement pamphlets, placards and in the internet. You may wonder ‘Are there somebody to advertise like this?’ But the answer is always yes. If you have doubt, I will provide you some Google search terms which would be helpful to you to come to a conclusion. Some are: • Software Testing Training Institute in Chennai with 100% Placement • .NET training with placement in Chennai • Java training institutes in Chennai with placement • IBM mainframe training with job guarantee • CCNA course with placement in Chennai • Network training institutes in Chennai with 100% placement How Institutes achieve 100 % Placements Where even Anna University & IITs fails? If we talk about placements, first off, we should discuss about the Educational Qualifications of the trainees. Some Trainees would be B.E., B.Tech Graduates, some trainees would be Diploma Holders, some will come with their Qualifications in Arts and Science. How the Training Institutes streamline all these quys into a single way to achieve 100 % placements. If they reveal the magic to major Educational Institutions like Anna University and IITs, they can achieve the same. I don’t think Placements are finalized based on the Institutes where we are studying. Of course, there are high possibilities to bring major companies to top educational organizations. But, how Placements are finalized based on Software Training Institutes? The Top MNCs don’t even know these so called ‘the best Software Training Institutes in Chennai’? If they know also, will they take all the students in without interviewing them? Is it feasible? I don’t […]