Node.js Training in Chennai

Payilagam provides the best Node.js Training at Velachery in Chennai. Node.js is an open source JavaScript platform which helps to discover the web application. This is a fine framework subject to create innovative projects with respect to the modern web browsers. Node.js is based on server-side platform web applications and considered as an emerging one. Our institute will start this course from super-basics regarding “make a basic webserver” to advanced level. We cover the syllabus with essential topics like Modules, Npm commands that turns to invent new real-time projects.

Payilagam is running with collaborated creative faculty and in addition, experienced in particularly respective domains. With all the best guidance from our faculty, we ensure you will be provided the responsibilities in individual task for creating real time applications. Invent the innovation and implement the innovation for success. To achieve this, you are in need of touch with Payilagam people whom bring you what is your best.

Node.js Training in Chennai – Course Syllabus

Chapter 1: Intro to Node.js.RAM vs I/O latency
  • Blocking vs. Non- Blocking
  • Event-driven Programming
  • JavaScript Closures
  • Event Loop
  • Blocking The Event Loop
  • js Philosophy (user land vs. core)

Chapter 2: Installing Node.js Download and Install
  • Node EPL
  • First Hello World
  • References (API docs, Mailing List..etc)

Chapter 3: Modules and npm Antomy of a module
  • Private code
  • Accessing and using modules
  • Npm commands
  • json

Chapter 4: The Callback Pattern what are the callbacks
  • Examples
  • Callback-last
  • Error-first

Chapter 5: Event emitter
  • When to use Event Emitters
  • Binding Functions to Events
  • Examples
  • Creating an Event Emitter

Chapter 6: Error Handling
  • Callbacks: Error-first
  • Errors in Event Emitters
  • Uncaught Exceptions
  • Using Domains

Chapter 7: Buffers
  • Why Buffers exist
  • Creating Buffers
  • Reading Buffers
  • Writing Buffers
  • Manipulating Buffers

Chapter 8: Streams
  • What are the streams
  • Read Stream API
  • Write Stream API
  • Flow Control
  • Piping
  • Duplex Stream
  • Transform Stream