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Java Training Institutes In Chennai – Top 9 FAQ

Here with, I am publishing the FAQs on Java Training Institutes in Chennai. According to google, there are 6,53,000 results shown in less than a minute’s time. Many people search for this to find out the best Java Training Institutes in Chennai. 1) Why do people search for Java Training Institutes in Chennai? The answer is straight and simple. Most people want to be IT industry and learning Java will boost their Job Opportunities. The scope for Java has raised after the raise of Android Mobile phones as it is used to create Android Apps too. 2) I am a Chennai based Computer Science Graduate. Do you think, it is good to have Java training in any of the institutes? Not necessarily. It is not about what graduate you are. It is about what skill set you have or You want to have. If you feel you are not good in Programming even after your graduation, it is good to have extra training on a programming language like Java from the training institutes in Chennai. 3) What should I focus more in Java as a Fresher? For a fresher, it is mandatory that he/she should be very good in basics. If it is Java, OOPs basics are essential. The concepts like Polymorphism, Abstraction, Encapsulation are necessary things to learn. 4) Shall I go for Advanced concepts (J2EE) directly as it has more Job opportunities? No, not at all. First of all, you should not select your professional course only based on the opportunities. Your skill set should play a vital role in selecting a professional course. There is nothing harm in minding Job opportunities as well along with your talent. But, Job opportunities is just […]

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Software Testing Training with Top 4 Live Projects – 2

In our ‘Software Testing Training with Top 4 Live Projects’ series, we are going to see the third project now. 3. Notepad++ Are you aware of this project? Well, whatever the answer, you would have definitely come across the word ‘Notepad’, if you are a Windows user. Just to understand the name – ‘Notepad++’, you can compare the programming languages C and C++. Yes, the exact difference lies between Notepad and Notepad++. Like C++ has many more advantages over the programming language C, though just a ‘++’ is added in the naming, Notepad++ has also emerged with number of features over Notepad from Microsoft. Comparison: Notepad Vs Notepad++ Notepad Notepad++ Licensed Software Free Software with GPL License A Microsoft product Developed by Don Ho Will not support Tabs Supports multiple tabs No Split screen option Split screen option is present No Syntax highlighting Syntax Highlighting for multiple languages Regular expression is not supported Regular expression is supported Macro recording is not possible Macro Recording is supported No Plugins available Plugins Available Cannot convert from Upper to Lower or Lower to Upper cases Case Conversion is possible in a single click Notepad is available along with your Windows OS, whereas Notepad++ can be downloaded for free from As we discussed in the previous post, learning testing through Notepad++ testing is easy one. The reasons are same as previously stated. I am just reiterating those here with. Users know the exact usage of Notepad++ and it is available for free. Hence, BRS does not play major role here. Users know the difference between Notepad and Notepad++. Through these differences, they can understand the functionalities of Notepad++. Users can get to know the existing bugs from the […]

Software Testing Training with Top 4 Live Projects

Will you guide me Live Projects along with Software Testing Training? Are there software available to learn Software Testing through involving ourselves in testing those projects? These are very common questions among Beginners of Software Testing. I faced such questions during our software testing training in Chennai to the fresh graduates. Main Hurdle: The main hurdle in providing Live Projects to the software testing trainees is * The Functionalities of the Live Projects might be very new to the beginners and without knowing the functionalities, Testing is merely impossible. * BRS Document, which is considered as the bible of Testers – will not be available openly for the Live Projects. Solution to the Main Hurdle: Unknown Functionalities We should get the Live Projects for which, beginners can at least imagine the basic functionalities though they are not good in that. If we have any well known existing projects similar to the Live projects to be tested, We can guide / start Testing those. The Testers can compare the functionalities of the existing project with the new project to be tested. It is kind of Testing an unknown project with the help of a known project. Through this approach, Testers can test and find out more bugs. Some times, they even can raise Feature Requests as they are aware of two projects (known and unknown) now. No BRS Document For most of the Live projects which are available for free, we could not expect proper documentation. As No BRS document is available, again a well structured, completed project is needed for comparing the to be tested project. Software Testing Training with Top 4 Live Projects: There are many Free Projects available which need QA or Testers […]

Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion (GD) Preparation – 2

Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion (GD) Preparation – 2 This is the second and Final part of our Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion(GD) Preparation. 5. Listen: This is an important rule of thumb. A discussion is not only to talk but also for listening. Listen to the conversation sincerely and appreciate what others are saying. Evaluators will judge your listening skills. Others views and thought will invoke and trigger your thoughts. You may get some additional points to talk. It is an additional benefit of listening. If you could remember few names of the participants, it is an added advantage. If you say “I agree with Suresh’s view”, it will show what a good listener you are. People will think that you have properly listened to the self-introductions as well. Keep nodding when others speak. 6. Don’t be arrogant: Do not continuously speak on and on. Do not repeat the same point again and again. Remember, it is a discussion. Allow others to speak as well. Encourage and facilitate participation from others. Do not be aggressive. 7. Sort Out Disagreements: Sort out disagreement and contradictions. If you do not agree with someone’s view, let them complete and then raise your objection. When you object someone’s view, back it up with solid reasons. Intervene if someone else is talking out of the topic and going away from the subject. Providing a meaningful direction to the discussion will always give a good impression about you. 8. Use facts: Use the facts, statistics, quotes, everyday life examples to express your thoughts. It could be a related news in the newspaper about the topic or a quote from a leader etc. It will help you to score […]

Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion (GD) Preparation – 1

Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion (GD) Preparation – 1 Group Discussion is a technique used by many organizations to filter the candidates especially when there is large number of candidates appeared for the interview. Group of participants are given a topic to talk about, in a limited time. Evaluators judge the performance of the participants and pick the best candidates. Group Discussion is an easy and effective way to judge the participant’s confidence, analytical skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills. It is also an easy way to filter candidates. Fine, Let us discuss about Top 9 Tips for Group Discussion (GD) Preparation here with one by one. Be Confident: Be Confident – This is the very basic thing to be remembered always! You can clearly express your views only when you are confident and relaxed. Be confident. Forget that you are going to be evaluated. Just be in a mood as when you are in a discussion with your friends. Prepare: Proper preparation is the key to express you clearly and concisely. If you are given a 5-10 minutes before the discussion, use that time effectively for preparation. Note down your points in a small piece of paper. Think both in ‘far and against’ for the same topic. It will be useful when anyone presents a view completely opposite to your views. You can express your points at that time. Speak First: Grab the opportunity to talk first. It will give a good impression about you to the evaluators. But do so only if you have enough points and knowledge on the subject. Don’t think too much about your slang of the language and the grammar. Remember that nobody will care about the grammar […]

Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers – 4

Welcome to our last post in our ‘Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers’ series. Let us start our discussion on our last two HR Interview questions. 6. You are a Mechanical / Electrical / Civil / Other graduate. You could get good offers in your department. Why do you prefer to be in IT field? Most people will think that Perks in IT field attracted them. They could not say this to an unknown interviewer openly. Thus this question becomes tricky one to be answered. Well – Before answering this question, ask the same question to yourself. When did you decide to go to IT Industry? If you have done any Computer course, that will become very good supporting argument for this question. You can add that point as well along with the above answers. 7. What is your Strength? What is your Weakness? This is one of the very frequent questions. The secret to answer this question is Truth! Tell the truth! It always triumphs! Don’t search the best strength and weakness from others! This question is entirely about you! Think what is your strength and weakness! Once after finalizing your strength and weakness, justify yourself with real examples for that. If anyone says ‘I have good leadership skills’, it becomes their duty to prove that. They can justify that like ‘I have played a role of ‘Captain in football team’, ‘President in any club’, etc. Don’t say any lie here. Most of the times, the body language itself will reveal the truth. Example Strength: I won’t take rest until I complete the tasks I will risk my life for the welfare of my friends I will correct myself if someone points out […]

Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers – 3

In our ‘Top 7 HR Questions and Answers’ series, this is third part. Here we will go through the next two questions. For anyone who missed to read the previous two parts, can get those from here: 1. Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers – Part I 2. Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers – Part II 4. Work Pressure will be more in our organization. Are you ready to join here? This is one of the Interview questions to assess how sharp the candidate is. The real meaning of this question is “Are you good enough to handle pressurized situations? Or Are you really lazy?” We should be very careful to answer this kind of questions. Our body language too plays an important role here. For a question like “Are you lazy”, if you take a minute to answer, nothing else is needed. That itself indicates that you are a kind of lazy being. You could answer like, “I am a young chap and I could produce more than expected”. 5. We have bond for two years. Is that fine for you? This is one of the tricky questions to be handled. As stated for the previous question, body language is important here as well to answer this question. Though it is illegal to ask us to sign in labor bond, some interviewers tend to ask this question. The intention of this question is quite simple. Instead of asking “For how many years will you be with the organization?” they throw this question. Always think about the real meaning hidden behind the question. Though the bond labor system is illegal and punishable, some organizations have the system to keep the employees for […]

Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers – 2

In our Top 7 HR Interview Questions & Answers series, today we will go through the second and third questions. Please note that in HR Interview, every question is important. As we say, these are top 7 questions, it does not mean that the other questions are least important. Every question is equally important. The intention of every question thrown is to find out your attitude. Be Patient, Be polite and Be careful before answering any question. Some times if you get confused with the question, take little time to answer. There is nothing wrong in that. We will have our next two questions and their answers in this post now. 2. What do you do if you get another offer from big organization? Many small / medium level organizations will have this question in their interviews. You cannot say “No, I won’t accept offer from big organizations”. This is incorrect answer straightaway. Hence, trying to say this answer will make the climate bad in the interview. You could try any of the below answers for this question. 1. I will be one among the lakhs of employees in big employees. It is always good for a learner like me to be with budding organizations like yours. Thus, I feel this organization suits best for me than bigger organizations. 2. My primary focus is on the Job Description. I am least bothered about the size of the organization. I feel my qualification and interest are best fit with the Job Description here. 3. What will you do if you get any better offer than ours? People won’t run behind money always. Though it is important to earn more, Money is not the one and only […]

Top 7 HR Interview Questions and Answers

Interview is the important phase in Recruitment process. Interviewees will be asked with the questions related to the Job description during the initial phase of the interview. Once they are identified as fit for the prescribed jobs, companies will test the attitude of the candidates through various questions. Let us discuss those Top 7 Interview questions and answers here. There may be some direct questions. It is always good to avoid direct answers for the straightforward questions in the interviews. Open answers for the Interview questions may create complex situations. To avoid such traps, provide the answers which is very relevant to the questions but not open. 1.How many years will you be with us? For the questions starting with ‘How many’, it is not necessary to tell the number as answer always. There are some situations where we should avoid telling the number. This is one such. You will get trapped if you utter any number here. If you say, “Definitely I will be with the organization for 5 years minimum”, they will be waiting to ask the next question – “Why only 5 years”. This will create an embarrassing situation for you. What could be the best answer for this? Always truth is the best. We all know – Truth alone triumphs! Truth – What do I mean here? You can observe that even from Google and Yahoo people are coming and joining in other companies. What is the primary reason? Is it the perks they are provided with? No, not at all. It is the working environment, culture and the Job Nature which comfort the employees to stay with the companies. When one thinks that any of the above said is not […]

3 Essential Tips for Interview Preparation

Getting Job! This is the only aim most of us have during or after our graduation! Though the real reason for Education is learning life, the current scenario does not look like to fulfill that. It forces us to get a job immediately. Do you think mere Graduation enough to get a job? Certainly not. We need something grow. What are those? The below 3 Essential tips for Interview Preparation will definitely help you to get placed soon! Every organization conducts various levels of tests to recruit employees. We should be ready to face those at any time. Here, we will discuss the preparatory steps to get cleared those steps. 1. Resume Preparation There are some important points that should be present in a resume. It should contain answers for the below: Who are you What it is your goal What are your qualifications Your achievements, extracurricular activities What are your hobbies and Contact Address Please remember one thing – This resume should resemble you in the absence of your appearance in person. Don’t mention anything that does not suit you, though it attracts others or boosts your resume to get a position. Many of us will miserably fail here. There is very high probability for not selecting us in the interviews if we provide incorrect information here. Don’t worry about the delay in a getting job. No job is good if you are not suitable for that. Say “Yes to Yes” and “No to no”. Though it seems to be tough, this will reap you excellent results at the right time. It will get you a right and good job for you. Sometimes, we will copy a few lines from others resumes to ours. […]